About us

About us
About us

Bengali is a reliable means of solving problems. Members of this community platform can answer your questions or solve problems as well as contribute by answering the questions of others. Basically it is a Q&A based community for Bengali speakers. In this age of information and communication technology, almost all of us are dependent on the Internet. Online is the fastest and most reliable way to solve the problems of daily life in today’s world.

Our goal is to make the Internet a place of learning and
We have a variety of people using our website
I want to give them a chance to share their knowledge about.
Annotatebd.com believes that knowledge is only for sharing
So if anyone knows and shares something about different topics
Always welcome to the Annotatebd family and want to
If anyone wants to enrich their knowledge about our various subjects
Always welcome to our website.

Annotatebd is the best useful web site based on various topics in Bangladesh
One of the shots. People can easily view and read topics without registration.
Also give visitors their opinion about the topic of any post and
Able to ask any questions later in the comments section. They make posts
For one to be the ideal tuner can email.

ভালো লাগলে কিন্তু ফেসবুক পেজ এ লাইক দিতে ভুলে জাবেন না।

আমাদের ওয়েব সাইট ভিজিট করুন এবং পাশে থাকুন। ধুন্যবাদ।